Virtus 487 machine correction polish


Virtus machine compounds,do not clog and will give very minimal sling.

These machine compounds save you the detailer,time and money.

You will need very little of these machine componds too,Virtus will cut you multi stage machine polishing right down.

Used in conjunction with our Brown machine pads,487 is the single stage machine polish every detailer has to try.

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It is a polishing system for the removal of medium and deep defects (P1200-P1500) from clear coat and gelcoat surfaces. It can be used with both rotary and orbital polishers. Excellent on old, fresh and scratch resistant clear coats. Great on Ultra High Solid (soft) clear coats. Leaves a brilliant final result without hazes and holograms.

Where to use 487 Extreme
​Can be used on all automotive paints such as: traditional clearcoat and low V.O.C. Ultra High Solid, air-drying clearcoat, scratch-resistant clearcoat and all original equipment paints. Perfect on plastics and polycarbonate.

​DEFINITIVE REMOVAL OF THE DEFECT. The product does not mask imperfections, scratches and holograms with cosmetic oils and fillers, but removes them permanently.
CLEAN ACTION. Product studied and developed for a quick and clean action without adding water. Allows for easy control of defect removal. Reduces polishing times. No need to use waxes for hologram masking.
APPROVED BY CAR MANUFACTURER. Free from silicone and ammonia.
VERY LOW V.O.C. Low VOC content
HEALTH & SAFETY. It is non-irritating, harmful and flammable.

Ultimaxx virtus 487


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