Virtus 472 machine polish compound


Allchem Virtus 472 finishing polish.

500ml machine compound

These are Italian manufactured and are of the very finest quality machine compounds on the market.

Virtus machine compounds, do not clog and will give very minimal sling.

These machine compounds save you the detailer, time and money.

You will need very little of these machine compounds too, Virtus will cut you multi stage machine polishing right down.

Used in conjunction with our Yellow machine pads, 472 is the single stage machine polish every detailer has to try.

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Ultrafine gel for exceptional shine

Easy to work with: does not dust, does not dry, does not spray, smells of fern
Very high final shine
Does not contain fillers
Ideal as the last step in the nano-ceramic pre-treatment 460
Concentrated formula: low product consumption

How to use: Apply the product on the pad .
Start processing at low speed, distributing the product on the surface with a quick movement without applying particular pressure.
Once the product has been distributed, increase the speed of the polisher and decrease its movement speed based on the characteristics of the paint. Carry out the processing until the surface brightness has been uniformly increased.

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