Tyre Slixx (5 litre)


Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx: A Professional’s Choice for Premium Tyre Shine Dressing

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance with Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx, a revolutionary tyre shine dressing. Engineered with advanced SiO2 technology, this product creates a deep, molecular bond with tyre rubber, offering unmatched durability and gloss. Unlike conventional products, Tyre Slixx utilises water merely as a carrier, ensuring the polymer firmly adheres to your tyres for long-lasting protection against all weather conditions. Perfect for those who demand the best in tyre care, its application is straightforward—ideal for achieving a pristine, enduring shine. Use on clean, dry tyres to transform their look and longevity effortlessly.

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Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx: Elevating Tyre Shine Dressing with SiO2 Innovation

Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx brings a new level of excellence to tyre shine dressing, marrying cutting-edge SiO2 technology with an exclusive bonding formula. This combination not only ensures your tyres gleam but also provides unmatched protection.

Key Benefits of Ultimaxx Tyre Shine Dressing for the Detail-Oriented Professional

  • Robust Bonding Formula: Leverages SiO2 technology to create a bond that endures through diverse weather conditions. This durability means tyres maintain a fresh, just-applied look for extended periods.
  • Weather-Resilient Finish: SiO2’s superior resistance to wash-off keeps tyres safeguarded and visually striking.
  • Simplified Application: Crafted for ease, Tyre Slixx allows direct application to a sponge or tyre applicator with just 2-3 sprays needed for an impeccable finish.
  • Eco-Conscious Composition: Utilising water as a polymer release mechanism, the formula significantly reduces environmental footprint.

Application Guide for the Detailing Pro:

  1. Surface Prep: Begin with a thorough cleaning of the tyre to eliminate dirt, grime, and residues. A pristine and dry tyre is crucial for optimal dressing adhesion and lays the groundwork for a stunning finish. This step is pivotal for securing the ultimate bonding of the dressing to the tyre.
  2. Precision in Application: Apply a light mist of Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx (2-3 sprays) onto your chosen tool, whether a sponge, brush, or dedicated tyre applicator. This meticulous approach ensures even product distribution, covering the entire tyre with minimal excess. Such precision in application not only makes the product go further but also guarantees a uniform shine across the tyre.
  3. Achieving the Perfect Finish: With the dressing on your tool, evenly work it over the tyre’s surface with smooth, circular motions. This method is essential for a uniform, eye-catching shine that amplifies both the tyre’s look and its protection. Aim for a flawless, streak-free finish that showcases the product’s quality and resilience.

The Ultimaxx Edge:

Selecting Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx is about more than just improving tyre aesthetics; it’s about investing in a solution that guarantees lasting protection, user-friendliness, and environmental responsibility. The application process, designed with detailers in mind, ensures both enthusiasts and professionals achieve outstanding results without the need for frequent touch-ups.

In essence, Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx redefines the benchmark for tyre shine dressing. It brings together state-of-the-art SiO2 technology, straightforward application, and lasting brilliance, making it the premier choice for those dedicated to preserving their tyres’ look and functionality. By choosing Ultimaxx Tyre Slixx, detailers can experience a significant upgrade in durability, shine, and overall tyre well-being.


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