Get Set Wet Hydrophobic Spray (5 litre)


Ultimaxx Get Set is an Sio2 (Silicone) based wet Hydrophobic Spray which acts as an excellent drying aid, minimising water spots, thus leading to a perfect vehicle wash. Get Set must only be used on a wet surface.

Use Ultimaxx Get Set Spray after using Ultimaxx Slick Wash to aid safe drying.

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Virtually Odourless
Extremely Economical
For use by Professionals and Enthusiasts alike


All Plastics
Magnesium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts)
Titanium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts)
Carbon Fibre
Alloy Wheels


After washing your vehicle with Ultimaxx Slick Wash, and prior to drying apply Ultimaxx Get Set Spray to the wet vehicle using the spray provided.
Coat the entire vehicle from bottom to top, and then rise immediately.


Please ensure when applying Ultimaxx Get Set Spray, that you wear Nitrile Gloves, taking care not to ingest any of the product.
DO NOT apply in extreme heat conditions above 32°C.
DO NOT allow Ultimaxx Get Set Spray to dry on your vehicle.

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Weight5 kg
5 litre

5 litre get set


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