Bleedexx (5 litre)


Unlock a new level of cleanliness and protection for your clients’ vehicles with Bleedexx, the advanced fallout remover designed specifically for the discerning car detailer. Formulated to tackle the toughest iron contamination from brake dust and environmental fallout, Bleedexx ensures that vehicles not only look their best but are also protected from the microscopic dangers that lurk on roads and in the air. Its unique, thick formula clings to surfaces, allowing up to 30 minutes of dwell time for unparalleled decontamination efficiency. Safe for use on a wide array of exterior surfaces, Bleedexx is your go-to solution for ensuring a pristine, contaminant-free finish without the premium price tag.

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Bleedexx: The Premier Fallout Remover for Professionals

Bleedexx emerges as a leading solution in the battle against ferrous fallout, representing the zenith of fallout removal technology. As a specialised fallout remover, this reactive gel is engineered to pinpoint and eradicate stubborn metal particles entrenched in vehicle exteriors—particles that evade typical washing techniques.

Why Bleedexx is Your Go-To Fallout Remover

  • Peerless Contamination Removal: Targets and neutralises ferrous particles directly, achieving a comprehensive clean.
  • Enhanced Dwell Time for Optimal Performance: Provides up to 30 minutes of action, allowing for a flexible detailing schedule.
  • Universal Safety on Various Surfaces: Safe for use on paint, alloys, glass, etc., protecting the vehicle’s structural integrity.
  • Visible Cleaning Confirmation: Changes to a vivid blood red upon contacting iron, visually demonstrating the cleaning process.

Tackling Iron Contamination Effectively

Iron particles, mainly from brake dust and other metallic sources like railway tracks, resemble tiny shrapnel pieces. These particles can lodge into softer surfaces such as vehicle paintwork and glass, often appearing as minuscule rust spots on lighter finishes. Despite their small size, they pose a real threat, especially to vehicles in urban or high-speed environments. Removing these particles with a fallout remover like Bleedexx is crucial for maintaining a vehicle’s appearance and preventing damage such as scratches and swirl marks. A comprehensive decontamination before polishing or adding protective layers is essential to avert deeper damage from these corrosive elements.

The Unique Mechanism of Bleedexx in Fallout Removal

Upon application, Bleedexx initiates a ‘bleeding’ reaction that dissolves iron particles, visibly marking active decontamination as the solution turns red. This indicates that the contaminants are encapsulated and ready to be rinsed off safely. Designed for a wide range of exterior surfaces, Bleedexx stands out for its adaptability and efficiency. For heavily contaminated areas, a soft agitation with a foam or brush can boost the formula’s effectiveness, ensuring a fully rejuvenated surface. While it doesn’t physically strip the particles away, it reactivates the solution for continued cleansing. Regular application every 3-6 months primes vehicles for protective coatings, guaranteeing a pristine and safeguarded surface.

Besides its core role, Bleedexx also includes powerful degreasers and cleaners, making it an exemplary choice for the deep cleaning of painted and powder-coated wheels. Since alloy wheels are particularly susceptible to brake dust, periodic treatments with Bleedexx help prevent severe corrosion and mitigate structural damage risks.

Choosing Bleedexx as your fallout remover not only prepares your vehicles for polishing or paint correction but also shields them from the damaging effects of iron contamination. Its dual function as a potent degreaser affirms its indispensable place in your maintenance regimen. Opt for Bleedexx to achieve unmatched cleanliness and protect your vehicles from unseen road hazards.


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